Hot Foiling

02 Hot Foiling Basic Technology

The Basic Technology

Hot foiling is the permanent transfer of an image onto the surface of a substrate or part using a Die and a thin heat activated adhesive coated metallic foil. This transfer occurs with the aid of heat and pressure.

A Printing Die is a metal plate with raised portions in the form of designs and or letters which is mounted on the heated platen of a hot foil printing machine. The heated platen is brought down against the substrate, sandwiching the metallic foil between the Die and substrate.

Heat is transferred only through the raised areas of the Die now in contact with foil which in turn is in contact with the substrate. This causes the metallic foil with its heat activated adhesive coating to make firm contact with the substrate under heat and pressure to transfer and bond the foil’s metallic coating (in the raised image areas only), onto the substrate.

The design and or letters on the Die are transferred via the metallic foil to produce a metallic imprint onto the substrate. Examples of foil printing can be seen on everyday products such as greetings cards, drinks labels, packaging, book jackets, and the list is endless.

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