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Hot Foiling

It's an income generator !

At last! A professional system that can print onto Paper, Cards, Plastic, Wood, Leather, Vinyls, Ribbons and more........

Hot Foiling has always been very popular home business that can be operated either on a full time or part time basis. It only requires only a table top for the machine and a standard power point. You can operate it in any room, workshop, garage or office. There is NO Mess, Noise, Smell, Drying time or mixing Inks in the process.

Polydiam offers a Clean printing process using colour foils. This will give an attractive print on a wide range of items and products from Business Cards, Letterheads, Cards, to Promotional items like Pens, Key Fobs, and much more.

You do not need to have any previous experience in the field to operate our print system. In just a short space of time, you will be on your way to a very profitable business. This however all depends on the determination and effort you place on making a success of this business.

As with most business opportunities, there is competition but you will find that it will have little effect on you. The fact that many small to large printing companies are geared to Litho printing with few Hot Foiling in-house. For them smaller volumes becomes uneconomical to do themselves, due to their larger overheads, setup times involved and can use their time more profitable bigger jobs. Therefore they normally subcontract their Hot Foil printing to printers like yourselves who are more geared for shorter runs and can offer better prices and delivery times. You may find selling direct to end customers easier and more profitable.

Once you satisfy your customers with your work, repeat business comes in automatically, and it is entirely up to you to what extent you wish to increase your business. You can further increase sales by appointing various other businesses to become agents for your products. Also appointing your friends and associates to sell for you on a commission basis will help them earn addition income. This in turn increases your Profits.

POLYDIAM offers a whole range of products and supplier lists for Foils, Cards, Supplies,, and other services and agencies to compliment your business. Your one stop supply / advice centre.

Hot Foil Printing System
Typical Printing Applications:

  • Letterheads
  • Plastic Cards
  • Christmas Cards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Visiting Cards 
  • Dance Tickets
  • Playing Cards
  • Book matches
  • Coasters
  • Bookmarks
  • Pens/pencils
  • Badges
  • Key Fobs
  • Beer Mat
  • Serviettes
  • Rosettes
  • Boxes
  • Fabric (static)
  • Leather Belts
  • Diaries covers
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Envelopes
  • and more…….

Start Your Own Printing Business Now!


The profit to be made in hot foil printing is enormous and so is the scope. The most common questions asked by customers is, will the market get saturated? The answer to that is how many double glazing firms do you know? and the product they sell is only once. How many hot foil printers do you know? The product is sold to the customer time and time again. There is a tremendous market out there, virtually untapped just waiting for someone like you to go out and get it.


This part is considered by most to be the hardest part. The hardest part of ANY business is the early part. We will guide you in sales and marketing techniques to enable you to get the business and keep it for years to come.
For this training, we have developed a training manual.

Now you can start your own Hot Foiling business easily and quickly with the Polydiam HF-85 Digital Printer. It is one of the world’s leading printing system that transfers a coloured foil onto an item to be printed by heat.

There is NO Mess, Noise, Smell, Drying time or mixing Inks in the process. Polydiam offers a Clean process of printing using either Matt or Metallic foils. A wide range of colours and effects are available from Gold, Multi Colour to Holographic.

This will give an attractive print on a wide range of items and products. It is fast and economical in printing onto various kinds of paper, card, leather cloth and other materials. It’s designed for use with metal type, blocks or polymer plates. You do not need to have any previous experience in the field to operate our print system. A Precision quality built system that is compact and versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of the platemaking supplies and some other supplies are available from Polydiam. Other items are available from a wide list of major suppliers on our database. It is entirely up to you which if any you wish to use.

The prices can be found on our price list and is dependent on the which products you choose.

You can be the greatest printer in the world but if you have no customers then you may as well not have the machine. Over the years we have found many ways to find business from Craft and Wedding Fairs through to advertising in church magazines and online store or website. The things you can do are varied and profitable. Even the Internet has helped us with local businesses. You just have to put the work in initially. We will be happy to explain the ideas we have used successfully for our business.

These machines are hand operated; even so you will quite easily be able to achieve in excess of 1000 impressions per hour. Even as a complete novice over 500 impressions can be achieved. We must hasten to add though speed is not the essential aspect of a machine, but a good consistent quality is absolutely vital. In teaching you about foil printing we will show you how that can be achieved.

The plate maker will allow you to manufacture polymer printing plates within half an hour of the artwork coming off your computer. The cost of such a business card size plate will only be £3, whereas if you get a metal plate made it can cost up to £20 for a business card size design and could take 2-3 days to arrive. You will also be able to manufacture Rubber stamps and photo glaze onto plates etc. Not every printing job will allow itself to be viable with a polymer plate so we will give you details of the best metal plate making companies in the country.

No, Polydiam offers you free advice from its extensive knowledge base and will always be here to help you in any way it can. There are no selling targets and do not require you to purchase a level of stock from us. Advice and help is free so always call us if you are in doubt or need help.


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